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About me:

Who Am I:

Hello and Welcome

I'm Emily Bediako, I'm a Mindset & Self-Love Coach, as well as a Domestic Abuse Advocate. 

I am also a trainee Counsellor/Therapist (CPCAB Accredited) and I do use some of the skills I have developed from counselling in my coaching for an integrative & intuitive approach which is flexible for each client, allowing for a bespoke service to each individuals'  needs. 

I've also worked in a helping role (Mentoring mostly with DA Survivors) for the last 8 years, and started coaching primarily 4 years ago in a government department (where I was also the Domestic Violence lead).

I haven't looked back since beginning coaching, as I love being able to connect with women who are in a place I once was & helping them to break free, claim back their power, learn to truly love & accept themselves and live life abundant of love, opportunity and success

 - this is a fundamental for me, as a survivor of Domestic Abuse myself, I truly understand how hard it is to rebuild yourself after escaping such a situation & I will help to empower as many women as I can for as long as I am alive!

What I Do:

I help women who are feeling unhappy, struggling with feelings of low self-worth, self-esteem & self-confidence, feeling stagnant in their current circumstances and who are genuinely fed up with not living the life they know they could be. 

Using various Mindset Coaching & Counselling techniques, I help them to break through their barriers and  side step any obstacles that are getting in the way of grabbing opportiunties and happiness. 

I empower women to be able to overcome their fears & damaging limiting beliefs and adopt a positive mindset that will set them up for love, success, growth and fullfillment in all areas of their life.  

Many of the remarkable women I work with have come through abuse or trauma and this has left them with problems moving forwards away from their painful past experiences they have been through & the many lingering issues this can present; such as, low self-worth, self-sabotaging habits and anxiety or depression.  

Working With Me:

 As a Mindset & Self-Love Coach, my work is focused around finding out what's really important to YOU and helping you re-train your conscious (and unconscious) mind to be able to bring you to a place of full clarity over your visons & goals (and exactly how to get there), love and power. The result of this is an improvement in your overall Wellbeing.

Working on your mindset is the most vital thing you can do to improve any and all areas of your life, as your mind is your most powerful tool & once you have a strong grounding in how you think and function; this can be applied in everything that you do, helping you to move forwards as the best version of you - confident, empowered and free.

After working with me my clients have been able to get rid of that niggling self-doubt and fear they’ve been carrying around with them like an unwanted guest & stop self-sabotaging behaviours that they have picked up through their lives. They then have been able to become aligned with their inner 'real' self – realising their worth, knowing their values and understanding how brilliant they really are!

Self-Love is the result and when you truly begin to accept and love yourself, everything changes. There are no more limits and happiness is something you will welcome everyday as your new norm.

Wouldn’t that be great?

Whether you've suffered depression or anxiety, been through trauma (such as domestic abuse) and/or you feel trapped in an unfulfilled life where you lack confidence, self-worth & love, coaching with me will be the start of a new better life for you and I cannot wait to help you every step of the way on your journey!


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