the surviving to thriving group coaching programme

 This 8 week group coaching programme will help you to build on self-love, self-worth, self-esteem and confidence. You will learn exactly how to boost your healing process and discover the tools , which you'll be able to draw upon moving forward to overcome any trauma or negative experiences; along with all the side affects. This will be done in a safe and calm space, which will be a theraputic & freeing experience, as you go on your journey of self-discovery & growth - emerging feeling completley in love with YOU, empowered and amazing. Every. Single. Day!
The Group Programme was created with these things in mind:

  • What worked for me to heal, change & improve my entire life.
  • What has served the 100's of women I have worked with to transform their lives.
  • Drawing on coaching & counselling theory & techniques that I've been trained in, which are very effective.

Based on that the main major areas of focus in The Group Programme that'll bring about the Biggest & fastest changes for you are:

  • Mindset
  • Self-Love
  • Trauma Healing 
  • The Law of Attraction/Vision
  • Spiritual connection with Self 
  • Passion/Life Purpose

Working on these areas completley transformed me physically, mentally and spritually... I became the best version of me I had ever been & the impact that had on my personal and professional life was phenmoninal!

This Group Programme will not be something you'll do & forget like a fad diet...Nope, You'll feel so incredible by the transformation to you & your life that you'll want to learn more & more to keep going.  

This programme has a lot of the amazing content that the 1:1 Mentorship has, but delivered in a different way.

It also has a little more of a community feel factored into it, as you would be part of a group of amazing ladies just like you, and you would embark on this life changing 8 week journey together; a journey that will leave you transformed into the version of yourself that you knew you could be, living the life you know you deserve. Rewriting your story and feeling more empowered then ever!

What will we cover?
Below is a the week by week process we will be going through to get you on the right path to having the life you truly want:

The Surviving to Thriving Group Coaching Programme:

Week 1:  Establish your Vision/Passion/Life Purpose?
Week 2: What's Holding you back & deep rooted blocks?
Week 3: Exploring past mind conditioning, trauma, negative experiences & the lasting affect.
Week 4: Mindset Matters & Daily Mindset Routines.
Week 5: The Law of Attraction & Manifestation.
Week 6: Self-Love/Acceptance of you & Self-Care.
Week 7: What are your relationships like (with self, family, romantic, with food, with money)?
Week 8:  Reflection & Forward Planning.


the group programme process & whats included:

- A Welcome Package:

This welcome package goes deep and will reveal some of your biggest limiting beliefs, barriers and  insecurities that are stopping you from moving forwards.

Theses are the things we are going to shift for you from day 1!

- 2x 60 Minute 1:1 Coaching Calls with Me via Zoom (which is free to use, you only click a link):

These are private, personalised and powerful sessions. They are informal, theraputic & relaxed; offering you a safe space to discuss anything.

They will be focused on increasing your self-confidence & self-esteem, so that alongside the group work you've completed, you can feel on track & able to take brave & intentional steps towards your desired future. You will end each session with absolute clarity & feeling motivated and focussed.


- Weekly Live Group Video Trainings via Zoom:

 On The Surviving to Thriving Group Programme you, the other ladies and myself will all meet up weekly via Zoom for a group training and Q&A Session.

These sessions will be in Webinar format and give you in depth training on all the topic areas for each week. There is oppotunity for discussion throughout and a dedicated time at the end for Q&A every week (as well as some laughs and giggles!)

- Workbooks, Exercises & Mindset Tools:

These open your mind up, give you steps for momentum, energy and drive to move you forward constantly.

- Free Facebook Group:

A Facebook group for additional accountability and support from all the remarkable women in the group and from me. 

As well as story telling, sharing tips & celebrating win's!

Because behind every successful woman is a tribe of women who have her back.

-  Unlimited Email/Facebook messenger Support (which ever you prefer) :

 I'll be there to support you every step of the way with motivation, support and help if you get stuck with anything, I've got you :-)

 After completing The Surviving to Thriving Group Coaching Programme You Will Have: 

  • Waved goodbye to years of negative conditioning
  • Totally diminished unhelpful fears and mindset blocks
  • Increased confidence, Self-esteem & Self-belief
  • Increased personal healing from past traumatic experiences
  • Learnt how to receive everything you desire through manifestation & understanding the law of attraction
  • A new attitude of gratitude, attracting more of what's good to the in abundance 
  • Become more aligned with their higher self – realising your worth, knowing your  values and understanding how brilliant you really are!
  • Started loving & accepting yourself and attracting more love as a result
  • Have a personalised & workable mindset and Self-Care routine that keeps you grounded and at peace daily & moving forwards
  • Have the confidence and ability to set healthy boundaries for yourself & in relationships
  • Started practicing Self-Love as a way of life; welcoming happiness daily as your new norm with no looking back!
  • Got a better understanding on how to form healthier new relationships and having a greater awareness of narcissistic abuser characteristics



8 Weeks - Start Date: Monday 11th May 2020


(Pay in Full and Save £65 *Best Value*)

or  £90 Deposit + Weekly payments of £59


lets get started

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