Who am I? 

Let me introduce myself… 

My name is Emily Bediako - Creator of Emily Empowers.

  •  I am a mother of 2 beautiful children (a teen & toddler).
  •  I am a Mindset & Self-Love Coach, with over 8 years professional coaching & mentoring experience.
  • I am a Domestic Abuse Advocate.
  •  I am also a trainee counsellor/therapist.
  • I have a serious sweet tooth & ice cream is my weakness :-D

That’s me in a nutshell!


I am also a survivor of domestic abuse (escaping approx. 10 years of living in a mental/physical prison of abuse) which left me suffering with low self-esteem/confidence, depression, anxiety and PTSD; this affected every area of my life as a result. 

The abuse I endured was really bad; it started with the usual put downs, name calling etc... This quickly progressed to physical, financial & sexual abuse. 

It got so bad that it wasnt uncommon for me to be dragged by my hair across the living room in front of my (then) toddler.

The point in which I realised;

 "I think he's going to kill me if I don't get out of this mess"

Was when he smashed a dining table chair over my head repeatedly until the chair broke, leaving me on the floor with blood pouring from my head... The paramedics that came told me; all it could've took was one more hit to the head that day or being hit at a different angle & that might have been the last fatal blow for me!

 I could've died. My angels saved me that day.

During this time I reached rock bottom... I even considered suicide because escaping was seeming impossible, espcially after reaching out for help and constantly getting nowhere; getting doors shut in my face or not being believed by the very people & organisations that should believe/help you in this situation (certain family members, Police etc).

I felt trapped, living in what felt like hell day in and day out. Ending it all seemed like the only way out. 

It was my son who stopped me thinking about ending my life, as I couldnt leave my baby boy who I loved so much behind and thankfully I am here today to tell my story...

Moving On:

Recovering from such turmoil to my physical & mental state wasn’t easy, but one thing it did is show me is just how resilient and strong I am. 

Fast forward to 2020 I am a transformed woman, all of that pain & heartache is a distant memory & to be honest I almost cannot recognise the me from a decade ago to the me now!

I’ve gone through therapy, a sh*t load of personal development/ self-help and Coaching to re-emerge like a rising Phoenix. Becoming aligned with my higher self, practicing self-love/care, being confident in myself & all I do, manifesting the life I want & totally loving living fearlessly while smashing goal after goal.

I went back to university (after being forced to leave because of my abusive ex in the past) & I finally completed my degree, I learnt to really love & accept ME and began to live so differently to before, gone were the days of negative self-talk & limiting beliefs – I now had a transformed mindset for success & I manifested the life I wanted; the new car, the job, the new man (100% improvement on the last!), the new house, the baby girl & the business I wanted and guess what… I. Got. All. Of. It! 

Yes every single detail.

I never would’ve thought I could have this life a decade ago, but this is now my reality everyday & I am so happy and grateful :-)


Turning My Pain into Power:

I decided that there was no way I was going to let the years of suffering such painful trauma be in vain! 

So since gaining my freedom & power back, I have been so focused on supporting women to find themselves and helping them to turn their trauma into triumph also! 

I have helped 100’s of Women (and men) improve their lives by remodelling their mindset from a place of fear, insecurity, low self-esteem to an empowered state where they realise their full potential/ability and are feeling confident,  fearless and really clear on their visions & goals.  

After working with me, my clients have more self confidence, have a clear vision for their bright future, know how to manifest that vision  and are living in love & abundance.

They love & nurture every inch of themselves; accepting every aspect & in turn attract more love & continual opportunities and blessings into their lives!  


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