My style of coaching is from an Integrative and Intuitive approach; meaning that although I have set programmes, every clients coaching experience will be personalised and bespoke.

 I will use different coaching and counselling methods that I have been trained in (Solution Focused Coaching, Performance Coaching, CBT, Psychodynamic Therapy & Person Centred Therapy etc), depending on what’s appropriate for the individual. 

I am also very intuitive and spiritually in tune and this helps a great deal with connecting to you on a deeper level.

You might find yourself thinking 

"Am I ready for a coach?"

Well, the answer to that would be answered by being honest with yourself and thinking...

 Are you ready for change?

Are you happy with how things are now & would you be happy with them staying like this for another year, two years?

Or do you often think ‘Theres got to be more then this?'

Are you ready to do what it takes to totally transform your life and feel fabulous?

Only you know if you are ready, but the fact that you've found yourself here looking into coaching tells you that you already know that you’re not living to your full potential and there's a better version of your life waiting for you to step into it. 

All you've got to do is take that step.

By working with me you will reach your full potential, your desires and goals, as we will delve deep into everything that is YOU :-) 

We will be working on your self-image, self-esteem, confidence, your inner connection, happiness and your self-worth, so you fall in love and respect yourself completely! 

This does mean looking into areas you may not examine very often, in fear of what you might find, but together we will do this in a comfortable & safe way. 

I will take you on the path of self-Discovery and help you to identify your blocks and barriersand examine why you have some of these.

It is then we can work on overcoming these barriers to move you forwards towards your desired destination & I will be giving you the tools to be able to do this, having your back every step of the way.

I offer my clients ongoing support and will be the one ensuring you are holding yourself accountable and taking the necessary steps to get the results you really want.

In life we all do better when we have someone holding us accountable, but unfortunately a lot of us don’t have that. I will be that person for you.

I do come with a no BS approach however and I will always be 100% honest with you and sometimes tell you things you don’t want to but NEED to hear for your own benefit.

Trust me it’s not harsh, it comes from being the only person who’s got this unique & wonderful relationship with you – where I will be able to see your higher self & all your potential.

When I know you can get there, I’ll do what’s needed to motivate, inspire & empower you to get you what you want.

Saying this I will never come from a place of judgement, but always from a place of empathy, so there will be nothing you cannot share with me. 

All you need to do now is decide are you ready to invest in yourself and totally transform your life to the amazing one you dream of or do you go away and continue as it is for another 6,12,18 months, who knows?

The first step is the hardest, but the magic starts immediately after that :-)

If you’re ready to commit to creating the future you know you deserve, go ahead and book a FREE 30 Minute Discovery Call with me, so we can discuss what your current struggles are, what your goals and desires are and how I can help you to get there… 

I cant wait to speak to you, I’m already excited for the future we are going to create for you!

Who I work with:

Do You...

Results My Clients Have Achieved:

Are You Ready To....


  • Worry about not being adequate or never truly fitting in?
  • Fear leaving your comfort zone?
  • Put others' needs first and don't prioritise your own?
  • Worry about what others think/say about you?

  • Find it difficult to move on from painful past experiences?

  • Sometimes think maybe you're just not meant to be happy?
  • Miss out on opportunities because of a lack of self confidence?
  • Look for others' approval and/or lack self-belief?
  • Feel a sense of shame over past traumatic experiences?

  • Feel like you have bad luck & just cant catch a break?
  • Self-sabotage; talking yourself out of doing things & constantly tell yourself you're not good enough or that you'll fail?

  • Struggle with not believing in yourself after leaving an abusive relationship?

  • Feel ugly or damaged and as if nobody could truly want you?

  • Struggle with setting healthy boundries in relationships (personal?professional)

  • Want to be in a loving relationship, but find your are (or a scared of) attracting another abusive person?

  • Find yourself thinking 'There has to be more then this?' and know you were destined for a better life then you are currently living?

Are You Ready To....

Results My Clients Have Achieved:

Are You Ready To....


  • Take action towards improving your overall mindset

  • Overcome the fear of failure & Stop worrying about what others think of you. 

  • Silence that negative voice in your head telling you you're not good enough or 'can't do it'.
  • Deal with the limiting beliefs that hold you back once and for all, so you can finally feel confident in your abilities.
  • Transform yourself by changing the narrative; no longer being  defined by your past trauma & moving forwards rewriting your story as a more empowered version of you.
  • Learn how to fully accept and love yourself, building on your self-esteem and self-worth.

  • Understand the importance of Self-Care prioritising YOU to improve your wellbeing & developing a Self-Care routine that fits perfectly into your life.
  • Create a balanced lifestyle where you are no longer always feeling stress or burnout.

  • Deepen your spiritual alignment with your higher self & learn how to manifest the life you are worthy of having.

  • Take your power back by not letting your painful experiences be in vain & instead using the emotion as ammunition to skyrocket your life into the next level; like a phoenix born again - free & ready to live your life as the best version of yourself.

  • Be fully supported on your journey of transformation by someone who is completely dedicated to ensure you reach your desired outcome & actually understands what its like to be in your shoes? 

Results My Clients Have Achieved:

Results My Clients Have Achieved:

Results My Clients Have Achieved:


  • Waved goodbye to years of negative conditioning

  • Totally diminished unhelpful fears and mindset blocks

  • Increased confidence, Self-esteem & Self-belief

  • Personal healing from past traumatic experiences

  • Learnt how to receive everything they desire through manifestation & understanding the law of attraction

  • A new attitude of gratitude, attracting more of what's good to the in abundance 

  • Becoming aligned with their higher self – realising their worth, knowing their values and understanding how brilliant they really are!

  • Loving & accepting themselves and attracting more love to them as a result

  • Overcoming fear of rejection

  • Being confident enough to go for opportunities & succeeded at obtaining them

  • Have a personalised & workable mindset and Self-Care routine that keeps them grounded and at peace daily & moving forwards

  • Have the confidence and ability to set healthy boundaries for themselves & in relationships

  • Practice Self-Love as a way of life; welcoming happiness daily as their new norm with no looking back

  • Master the art of journaling, meditation and other healing & rejuvenating exercises

  • Having success in strengthening relationships with loved ones


  • Finding healthier new relationships and having a greater understanding/awareness of narcissistic abuser characteristics 

  • Taking the steps with faith to change career without fear.

Does this sound like you?




Ways to work with me:

There's various ways I work with clients. So, take your time, have a look, and explore which way would be best suited to you & if you're not sure we can always explore together on a FREE 30 Minute Discovery Call to see what would serve you best.


90 Minute Intensive Coaching Call

The 90 minute intensive coaching experience is a great option for those who would like to benefit from an in depth coaching session focussing primarily on one area of their life.


The Surviving to Thriving 1:1 Mentorship

A 8 week 1:1 intensive coaching programme helping women to build on self-love, self-worth, self-esteem and confidence. Overcoming trauma and its negative affects & gain their power back to transform their lives for a fabulous empowered future.


The Surviving to Thriving Group Programme

A 8 week group coaching programme helping women to build on self-love, self-worth, self-esteem and confidence. Overcoming trauma and its negative affects & gain their power back to transform their lives for a fabulous empowered future.